• Our products lines cover the whole spectrum of the market with a high-end series of products we provide hardware solutions of several brands such as Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Infosec, APC, Tripplite , D-Link ,Cisco,…etc Leaders Technology has also been involved in the sales of computers, servers, workstations, printers UPS and several of software products as Microsoft products and others software 2-Maintenance The Hardware Maintenance solution includes computers, servers, laptops, printers UPS,..etc. This includes problem tracking; problem identification; problem impact (severity) and problem resolution; and management reporting and analysis. Hardware maintenance also includes providing support and assistance in complex and difficult network, operational, software problems and Warranty service management. 3-Network Design and Implementatio Network Solutions: Involved in design/installation/implementation of networks, servers, communication links, VoIP, WAN, LAN, W-LAN, routers & switches. To focus on the Network solutions and provide provisional solutions and services, Leaders Technology established Easy Link as a division of Leaders Technology specialist in this business so Easy Link can provide integrated solutions in design/installation/implementation of networks, communication links, VoIP, WAN, LAN, W-LAN, routers & switches.
  • SYSCARE. seek to be at the forefront of IT market in Yemen, providing world-class IT solutions and 2professional services, striking a fine balance between quality, cost-effectiveness, commitment and innovation. And provide our customers superior Products and Services, that will enable them to increase their productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Our Mission Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative technical solutions to their business problems and dealing with IT products such as computer components, networking solutions, printing and photocopying products, security solutions and PC accessories . We achieve optimal client satisfaction by meeting clients’ requirements on time, on budget and with high quality. Window to tomorrow!! Looking forward to work without shackles ? we are here at Leaders Technology aspiring to make it easy for you to tackle your potential problems and to provide the ease to deal with without any obstacles that forbid each individual or corporation from practicing his rights as a computer user.

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